La multi ani, Twilight !

Poate va intrebati de ce aceasta postare. Acum 6 ani, pe 22 noiembrie a  fost premiera cinematografica a  filmului Amurg/Twilight. 

Si acum imi aduc aminte cand am citit in revista Popcorn  un anunt cu un forum dedicat seriei. Si m-am tot intrebat de ce naiba sa faci un forum dedicat unei carti? Asta a fost inainte sa citesc Amurg. 
Pe 28 august m-am inscris si eu pe forum.  A trebuit sa caut pe google numele unui personaj ca sa ma pot inscrie. M-am  uitam ca vitelul la poarta noua , o perioada. In septembrie , m-am dus la Diverta sa cumpar o carte. Am vazut Amurg, dar nu am cumparat . Am luat alta carte, care m-a dezamagit . Dar a doua zi  , am cumparat Amurg. Si cred ca a fost cea mai buna decizie pe care am luat-o . 
De cand am citit prima pagina , am fost vrajita de universul vampirilor din carte ! Am  terminat cartea la ora 4 dimineata si cred ca pana la ora 6, nu am putut sa adorm, tot gandindu-ma la poveste. 

Amurg a fost singura carte care m-a facut sa iubesc sa citesc . Si pentru asta , mereu, va ramane una din cartile mele preferate.Prima iubire nu se uita.

Dar azi , celebrez filmul Amurg printr-un maraton al tuturor filmelor din serie. Pentru ca iubesc tot ce inseamna Twilight. Acest blog nu ar exista daca Twilight nu ar fi existat. Si nu as fi legat unele prietenii ( Kido, Gya, Thea, Tinky, Ary, Corina si Dana   ) daca nu era Twilight. 

Multumesc Stephenie Meyer, pentru povestea  impiedicatei Bella  si a primului book boyfriend , Edward Cullen. Multumesc Robert Pattinson pentru ca inca esti preferatul meu.  Multumesc Leah Clearwater, pentru ca inca esti personajul meu preferat , chiar daca Steph te-a cam lasat in plop. Multumesc, Jasper, pentru ca inca esti cel mai badass vampir. 

La multi ani, Twilight movie ! 

The Body (The Spirit Trilogy Book 2) 

by d. Nichole King


They vowed to never return.

Their lives depend on it. With last summer behind them, Lucas and Carrie think they’re safe.

Only the Moore House isn’t through with them.

When Lucas receives bad news, the search for the elusive half-demon who holds the key to Lucas’s death becomes first priority. The creature might be Lucas’s only shot at finding his soul. Problem is he doesn’t want to be found.

Dead ends and blocked attempts leave them wary.

Lucas seems to be fading away. His eyes no longer glow, his skin pales. Exhaustion consumes him, leaving him distant when he’s with Carrie. Not knowing what’s happening to him kills her.

From all around, shadows creep in, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Then, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in town and unlocks a deadly secret from Lucas’s past. When the Moore House becomes their only escape—

No one is safe.

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The Spirit (The Spirit Trilogy Book 1) 


Carrie Reese doesn’t believe in ghosts—until she falls in love with one.

From the moment he walks through the door, a cool breeze surrounds Carrie. She knows Lucas is too good to be true...and he is. Because he’s dead.

Devastated over her parents’ divorce, 17 year-old Carrie is spending the summer with her grandparents in Villisca—the creepiest town in Iowa. Even though it makes her skin crawl, Carrie doesn’t regard the haunting of the infamous Moore House to be anything more than superstition.

Lucas, however, knows exactly why the mysterious farmhouse should be avoided. But that’s not what brings him to town. As a ghost, he cannot cross over into the afterlife until he finds his soul, and there’s someone in Villisca who can help. Instead, he finds Carrie. And there’s something about her that draws him in. Why didn’t he find her sooner? Like, when he was alive?

When the force of their love disrupts the containment spell around the Moore House, the rift to Hell inside the attic opens, releasing the demons. Since love isn’t meant to be shared between the living and the dead, the demons target the lovers, intent on dragging them to where their souls will face eternal destruction.

Sometimes there’s more at risk than merely dying.


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About the Author
Since I was born and raised in Iowa, I like to create stories where my home state is the setting. There's nothing like small-town Midwest scenery to create the perfect backdrop for an amazing tale!

I've always loved to read and write. I'll read anything: Classics, fantasy, contemporary, mystery, horror. It doesn't matter as long as it draws me in. As a kid, I was raised on authors such as Lurlene McDaniel, R.L. Stine, Danielle Steele, Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King, and Shakespeare.

Writing-wise, my fondness lies in the YA/NA genre, though I do have a couple of women's fiction stories swimming around in my head.

When not writing, I'm usually curled up with a book, scrapbooking, or doing yet another load of laundry.

Along with her incredible husband, I live in small-town Iowa with my four adorable (yet ornery) children and their dog, Peaches.

The Spirit is the first book of The Spirit Trilogy, and is my debut novel.

„Tocmai imprevizibilitatea afectului il atrage si-l bulverseaza pe Sandu, imprevizibilitate recuperabila mai degraba romanele rusesti, unde intensitatea sentimentului se insoteste cu capriciul lui.
Cu romanele lui Holban sau ale lui Camil Petrescu, intram intr-o zona abisala a cuplului, a iubirii, unde camera de rezonanta o reprezinta literatura, devenita o oglinda in care se rasfrang toate emotiile si toate reflectiile.“ - Angelo Mitchievici

My opinion:

Mhh... Nu pot sa spun ca mi-a placut enorm de mult cartea asta, mai ales ca nu am citit numai primul mini roman din ea. A fost ok. E ceva unic ce-i drept, pe mine mai exact nu m-a incantat.

In majoritatea timpul m-a plctisit si daca nu eram obligata sa o citesc pentru scoala, o lasam balta.
Plus modul de desfasurare a actiunii si felul in care a fost scrisa. Nu zic ca nu ador descrieriile intr-o cartea, insa lipsa dialogului s-a facut simtit, mia ales in cazul meu.

Pe langa toate acestea, felul barbatului de a se comporta cu personajul feminin pentricipal a fost oribil. Pur si simplu isi batea joc de ea. Ne-a spus profu ca o sa avem o parerea gresita despre personaj daca nu citim si nuvelele, insa chiar nu-mi pasa. Nu asa te comporti cu persoana. Ori o iubesti, ori o lasi in pace. In fine... nu are rost sa dezbatem astea acuma.

Chiar si defectele acesta, pot sa spun ca a fost ceva interesant de citit. Mai ales cand descoperi un autor de care nu ai avut habar pana acum. Si ei,. E doar o cartea nu in plus, cu o poveste de retinut. Nu e mare lucru.

Asa ca, totusi eu zic sa o incercati, mai ales ca nu e lunga deloc (vreo 100 de pagini). Plus ca mai are inca 2 mini romane care am auzit ca sunt mult mai bune decat acesta. Anyway, niu pierdeti nimic daca o incercati. Asa ca, Enjoy!

Cartea o puteti comanda de pe Libris, Diverta, Librex.

Favorite quotes:

„Intodeauna inainte de a te desparti de cineva drag nu te pricepi sa-i vorbesti, tocmai pentru ca ai prea multe de spus.“

„Cum sa stiu adevarul asupra ei cand nu stiu adevarul asupra mea?“

„Sunt incapabil de dragoste proaspata, mereu reinceputa, cu toate ca mintea mea o viseaza intotdeauna.“

„Vreau sa-i pricep pe altii! Ma mir cum pot suporta sa tarai cu mine pretutindeni pe mine starinul. Si uneori acel strain e bland, agreabil, dar alteori e odios cu egoismul lui. Si eu il port mereu cu mine.“

„A gusta moartea (cu spaima sau cu delicii, in orice caz, a fi impregnat de ea) este un talent special si oamenii talentati sunt rari.“

„Nu-ti plac astfel de conversatii? Dar inainte de toate tu esti o intelectual! Cum putea sa se impotriveasca fara ca sa pierd admiratia pentru ea?“

„Dar omul indragostit e intodeauna ridicol pentru cel calm. Cand celalat iti spune: Te las, cum sa fii mandru si sa nu te rogi: Nu pleca!“

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I’m like:

We love...

Cover love

Stilul zilei

Cover Reveal



Author: Chantal Fernando & M.N. Forgy

Release Date: December 20, 2014


Two authors with novellas that you don't want to miss!


TIME AND TIME AGAIN  by Chantal Fernando


I always thought I had luck on my side.

Things seemed to go in my favour, whether by will or by nature. But that luck just ran out. Jobless and on the verge of being homeless, I find a strength in me that I didn’t even know existed and discover an unlikely savior --- Tag. He avoids commitment like the plague, and starting anything with him will only lead to heartbreak. I know this. He knows this. So why am I still here? Oh, right. Because I want him more than I want my next breath.



Babs is no stranger to the MC world. As an ol’ lady, she takes the hell that comes with it and dishes it out times two. When things take a turn for the worst, it leaves her questioning just how equipped she is for the hell she lives. She thought her marriage with Locks was it; that she had it all. But the past has a way of sneaking up and tearing life apart. Finding herself trapped as Locks’ ol’ lady, with the threat she will be his till the grave, her world spirals out of control. The only person risking it all to save her is the last person she thought would care: Bull.

President of the Devil’s Dust MC, Bull, is good at running women off and is even better at pissing off his brothers. When he sees the way his vice-president is treating his ol’ lady, he tries to keep his thoughts to himself. The one thing Bull insists on in his club is respect and loyalty: respect for the patch, respect for your brother, and loyalty to the club. However, after finding Babs in a harsh predicament after a run in with Locks, he can’t help but step in.  Crossing lines and hurdling around life’s unpredictability, will they find refuge in each other or will they have to endure what life gives them?

***WARNING - This is not your typical happily ever after.


About the Authors


Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Twitter 

New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is twenty seven years old and lives in Western Australia.

Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon's Lair, Maybe This Time and many more. When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.


Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Twitter 

 M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She's a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

  love 2

orCadence cover

Title: Cadence Reflection (Wheels & Hogs #1)

Author: D.M. Earl

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 6, 2014



Cadence Powers is tattooed, pierced, and panty dropping gorgeous. Women love him and men want to be him. It appears to the world that he has it all, but what people don't see is that Cadence is a damaged haunted man, held back by untold secrets that keep him from living a real life.

When he meets Trinity Vinkers, he feels as if he can finally live the life he desperately wants. However, just as their friendship begins to grow, one stupid act causes that friendship to shatter, all because he lets his guard down allowing her into his life. Trinity appears to be the light to Cadence's dark. Innocent, naïve, and goofy, she seems to bring out the best in everyone around her, but she has her own dark secret. Her persona allows her to fake her way through life, at least until she meets him. Trying not to let her feelings for Cadence get the best of her is taken out of her hands when she makes a wrong decision that leaves her left with an unexpected fallout. As life takes both Cadence and Trinity down a path that neither will forget, they are unaware of the evil lurking around them. It's watching, waiting to step in and take everything from Cadence. As the young lovers struggle with their secrets, a close friend will also be fighting for something,... her life. As time goes by, Cadence and the Horde from Wheels & Hogs decide that they have to do whatever it takes to keep what is theirs safe, even as death hovers around like a dark angel.

About The Author


D.M. Earl resides in Northwest Indiana. An avid reader for many many years she has finally taken the jump to start writing her own stories professionally. When not reading or writing D.M can be found on her Harley Dyna hitting the road beside her husband riding his own Harley Ultra Classic.

D.M. enjoys her “kids” 4 dogs, 2 indoor cats & 3 outdoor cats. D.M. loves to be outside be it reading, writing or sitting on the deck listening to the chimes with the dogs at her feet.  Also her love of gardening is reflected in numerous flower beds and a large vegetable garden. Connelly's Horde is her first published work released July 3, 2014. This is a Novella in her series Wheels & Hogs. She is currently working on Book 2 Cadence Reflection which will publish on November 6, 2014.

Please check out her Author pages at:

Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Email

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connely cover

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love p

„Nu sunt putine marturisirile lui Liviu Rebreanu despre propria-i opera, dar una dintre ele, reluata de cate ori a avut ocazia, e de natura sa surprinda, in ciuda motivatiei ce o avanseaza. Intrebat de reporteri despre preferintele sale in legatura cu creatiile-i romanesti, nu a ezitat niciodata sa raspunda Adam si Eva.Nu stiu daca preferinta autorului pentru Adam si Eva se explica prin propriile lui marturisiri sau daca avem si noi dreptate prin incercarea de a identifica un mecanism mai putin vizibil in vesnic tainuitele miracole ale creatiei. Sau poate sa fie pur si simplu o afectiune aparte, ca pentru un copil ceva mai sensibil si firav, avand nevoie de o atentie speciala. Cine stie... “ - Andrei Moldovan

My opinion:

Vroiam sa citesc de ceva timp cartea asta. M-a atras in primul rand titlul si chiar coperta ei. Mi se parea ceva unic venind din partea unul scriitor interbelic. Si plus vroiam sa citesc mai multe carti clasice. Sa iau o pauza de la fantasy si alte genuri.

Si mare mi-a fost mirarea cand am vazut cat de buna poate sa fie cartea asta. Chiar nu ma asteptam la asa ceva si mai ales din partea lui Liviu Rebreanu. Nici nu zici ca e scrisa in anii '90. Parca e altcineva care a scris-o. Atat de modern in scris cat si in poveste.

Dupa cum v-ati putut da seama din titlul cartea se preocupa de mitul adamic si de cele 7 reincarnari ale sufletului. Ea urmareste fiecare incarnare a lui Toma Novac si incercarile lui de a-si gasi implinirea langa persoana iubita. Parca e structurata pe 7 mici nuvele. Nuvele intr-un roman. Asta da subiect si mod de contructie. Nu cred ca mai facut nimeni asa ceva nicioadata sau poate nu am citit eu.

Mi-a placut fiecare incarnare pentru ca era prezentata in niste locuri mitice, extraordinare care te facea sa citesti incontinuu. Plus, fara a-ti dai seama, prin mici observatii, fiecare loc se lega de cel din urma. A fost ceva extraordinar de descoperit.

Mai multe nu vreau sa va spun pentru ca fiecare personaj e diferit de cel precedent, atat barbatul cat si femeia. Cartea merita mult mai mult credit decat i se ofera, dar din pacate tot mai multi tineri uita de minunatiile romanelor romanesti. Iar Adam si Eva este o minunatie de cartea. Cine nu stie mai nimic despre literatura si citesti cartea, o confunda cu o creatie a zilelor noastre.

Asa ca, fuguta, mergeti si o cititi pentru ca merita, iar conceputul si scrisul sunt usor de citit, mai ales ca volumul nu e de mari dimensiuni. Enjoy!

Cartea puteti comanda de pe site-ul editurii Litera, Libris, Librex, Diverta.

Favorite qoutes:

„Cine se naste trebuie sa moara.“

„Moartea e o pioteza pana in momentul cand omul se pomeneste in bratele ei, fara nicio speranta de intoarcere.“

„Fericirea adevarata e totdeauna o clipa, se gandi bolnavul, cu amintirea ei proaspata in suflet. Mai multa n-ar putea indura firea omului care, deseori, intr-o viata de multi ani, nu are norocul sa intalneasca nici clipa acesta, nici macar sa se aproprie de ea.“

„Naivitatea e virtute divina! Naivitatea, nu filosofia!“

„Dar omul care gandeste nu se poate multumi cu realitati sufletesti nelamurite!“

„Un barbat din milioane de barbati doreste pe o singura femeie din milioane de femei. Unul singur si una singura! Adam si Eva! Cautarea reciproca, inconstienta si irezistibila, e insusi rostul vietii omului.“

„O viata omeneasca nu ajunge insa pentru a prilejui intalnirea barbatului cu femeia. Spatiul si timpul sunt piedici pe care sufletul starns in obezile materiale numai treptat le poate invinge.“

„Intelepciunea indeparteaza pe om de cumintenie.“

„Intre sclava si stapana nu e deosebire. E aceeasi femeie.“

„In visuri el credea mai mult chiar decat in puterea zeilor, socotind ca visurile sunt porunci divine misterioase pe care mintea omeneasca slaba nu le poate intelege.“

„In biblioteca, in aerul patruns cu miros de sofran, plutea undele unui parfum, ca si cand urmele sufletului ei ar fi ramas sa-l ispiteasca.“

„Numai atunci cand se imbolnaveste sufletul, numai atunci e primejdie.“

„Sentimentalismul intelectual a fost si slabiciunea ta inca din copilarie.“

„Indoiala e buna, dar cu masura! Caci, sa nu uitam, indoiala e intotdeauna inceputul negatiei si negatia inseamna distrugere! Numai credinta intareste sufletul si-l deschide pentru adevaruri eterne!“

Review Oblivion by Jessica Wood

I wake up to a life and a man that I can’t remember.

He says his name is Connor Brady—the tall, sexy CEO of Brady Global, Inc. 

He says my name is Olivia Stuart, and that I was recently in an accident and lost my memory.

Also, he says I’m his fiancé.

Although I don’t remember Connor, or anything about my past, something about him seems familiar. He is kind, protective, and breathtakingly-gorgeous. But there is just one problem—he seems too perfect.

As I begin to rebuild my relationship with Connor and accept the idea that I may never remember my past, I unexpectedly meet Ethan James.

Ethan is the mysterious, rebellious stranger who pushes my boundaries to their limits and makes me feel alive. As our lives collide time and time again, the bits and pieces of my past start to unravel, unearthing the secrets that have been buried deep inside my subconscious. With every new memory I gain about my past, I become more torn between the man who is my fiancé and the stranger who is the key to my past. Is my life with Connor really as perfect as he leads me to believe?

My opinion:

I have to say that i loved this book so much. I never read something like this in my life. But let's just start with the beginning.

THE COVER: OMG! Look at that beautiful cover. I love it so much. And more when the content is as lovely as the cover. This book just made in my top 10 best books that i've read this years. For sure.

THE ACTION: Was so perfect and put right in place. O love that it didn't bored me, and made me read and read and never stop. It made me wanted more and more. That's the perfection for this book. And it is hard to write a book that don't bore the reader. Good job, Jessica!

THE CHARACTERS: Oh, God. I want to tell so much about them, but i hate giving spoilers. They are perfect together. They are even more beautiful when they interact and have that lovely, cute, funny moments. And my favorite moment was the kiss in the air. That's all i want to say. To find out you will have to read the book.

So, this book is perfection to me. Great cover, awesome story and beautiful (and also bad but needy) characters. So you have to read it. Trust me, you will love it.

Favorite quotes:

„But sometime we don't always get what we wish for.“

„Maybe those who say, „ignorance is bliss“, are right.“

„As a result of tonight, i found myself torn between two men: the caring and protective fiance who i had no memory of, and the rebellious and surprisingly-sweet stranger who made me question who i once was.“

„He was the person i didn't want to live without.“

„'If we don't find each other when the war ends, what would happen? The male character very confidently said to the female character, 'If we don't find each other after the war, then we'll find each other by the following year. If we don't find each other by the following year, then we'll find each other by the following five years or ten, or twenty years. It doesn't matter how long, we'll find each other eventually.“

Cover Reveal


Being Jolene by Caitlin Kerry

The second book in the Tell Me series but can be read as a standalone

Release Date: February 19, 2015

Cover Designs by Cover It! Designs



The first time Jolene meets a mysterious man wearing flannel, it’s a case of mistaken identity. The second time, they end up against the side of a bar. Third time’s a charm, right? Jolene Hayes finds herself spending the summer in the picturesque mountains of Idaho in order to avoid a past fling. It’s a perfect escape, except for the one problem that keeps popping up: a sexy backcountry pilot named Ty Harrison. Jolene tries her hardest to resist his scruffy beard and flannel wearing ways, but eventually rationalizes that a summer fling would just be like the rest of them—love ‘em and leave ‘em and move on with her life. Between these two are secrets that could tear them apart before they even get started, though. Life changes without warning, and dealing with the results leaves Jolene protecting her heart at all costs. Ty knows he is everything Jolene doesn’t want, but he can’t let go of the fiery siren.  Throw in the element of wilderness, a small town where secrets can’t hide and the past repeatedly showing up on Jolene’s front porch, the promise of a summer fling becomes complicated. smalljacketBeJo     webFJ

Finding June by Caitlin Kerry

Book one in the Tell Me series


Amazon US | Amazon UK



June Rosewood followed the plan. College degree? Check. Longtime boyfriend who is possible husband material? Check. Finding a job after school? Working on it. Yet, it only took one emotionless conversation on a beach in Mexico for everything to fall apart. After running away for the summer, June’s back in Boise, can’t find a job and is stuck working as a waitress. When June runs smack dab into Reece Day, her new coworker, she knows to stay far away from him. After being away from the town Reece grew up in, his journey has brought him back to where it all began. Reece is searching for forgiveness, but also stumbles upon the lively and smart mouthed June, who is so clearly lost in herself. Reece catches June's attention with his uncanny ability to always get under her skin, leaving her questioning what she really wants in life. Soon, June embarks on a journey of self-discovery to let go of the plan, because sometimes the unexpected surprises along the way are the most important and meaningful.   smalljacketFJ  

About the Author


Facebook | Goodreads | Blog | Caitlin Kerry Newsletter

Website (is currently being upgraded, so my Tumblr it is!) 

Twitter: @CaitKerry | Instagram: Caitlove88

Caitlin Kerry is obsessed with the stories we tell. Her love of reading and writing led her to accomplish a goal she set for herself at the age of seventeen. She has a degree in History and Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration. Caitlin is an avid tea drinker, hopeful adventurer, lover of music and often finds the best medicine is the quiet of nature.  When Caitlin isn't writing or reading she usually can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her geologist husband, always looking for the next adventure. She currently resides in Idaho. I love meeting new people. Feel free to say hi!    


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  love 2
Copywriter by day, nerd by night, Hailey Holloway is living the post college dream. Her life may not be flashy and exciting but it’s enough for her. After a late night at work, Hailey stumbles upon two dragons brawling in the middle of Philadelphia. In an act of kindness and lapse of sanity, she comforts the dragon who was left behind to die. In doing so she inadvertently invited the soul of Dacea into herself for safe keeping. Hailey just wants to live her life as simply and quietly as possible but with the voice of a disembodied dragon in her head, she has little hope of achieving her goal.

Dacea will do anything to be free of Hailey, a human who is moments from checking herself into a psychiatric ward. He is grateful to be alive, but at what cost to his sanity? The dragon world is in upheaval. Green is at war with Red, and he is of no use to anyone while stuck with Hailey.

The solution to their problem is not without its risks. But just how far will Hailey go to be free of the dragon?

My opinion:

Well, i have to say that i loved this book. I didn't thought that i will enjoy so much. It was something.
Maybe i loved it so much because it was my first book about dragons that i've ever read. Ya, shame on me, but it never caught my eye this type of books. Until now.

Fist of all, i loved it because it was unique in his story. And i like to read unique, different storys.

Second of all, i loved so much the characters and the chemistry between them. OMG, that is something nice to read. That funny, cute, sexy moments and be apart of there story. It's nice to see every step and every moment when they are more and more in to each other. They are marvelous to discover.
The action goes so perfectly and so smooth; every moment and character it is right in his place. The author is not rushing the action but also it is not taking things slow. It is just perfect.

I recommend this book with all my heart and i can't wait to read the second book.
P.S. I think you will fancy the bad character too. Like me!:)

Favorite quotes:

„At this point i don't think i could survive without your sarcasm.“

„Hailey had forgotten her rule – the only person who cares about you – is you.“

„Sometimes words are all we can give, even if they are too late.“

„'Dad please, not now, Hailey said groggily.
'Well now, you've called me many things, but dad never being one i imagined.“

„'Am i real?

Hailey smirked. 'You better be. If not I am welcoming the crazy with open arms.“

True fact


Un meteorit blocheaza intrarea la Gaudeamus!

Un meteorit blochează intrarea la Târgul Internaţional GAUDEAMUS - Carte de învăţătură 2014!
Mare atenţie când ajungeţi la Târgul Internaţional GAUDEAMUS - Carte de învăţătură 2014. Intrarea în Pavilionul Central de la Romexpo este îngreunată în urma căderii unui meteorit incandescent.
Pompierii sosiţi la faţa locului au reuşit să stingă incendiul, însă rămăşiţele meteoritului se află încă în faţa intrării principale şi vor rămâne acolo până la sfârşitul săptămânii.
Oameni ai Pământului.
A sosit momentul.
Jocul Final a început.
Jocul Final e real.
Prima experienţă multimedia integată carte-joc, Endgame – Jocul final. Convocarea de James Frey şi Nils Johnson-Shelton, poate fi achiziţionată din standul Editurii Trei (nivel 0.00, stand 16).
Trilogia Endgame ne dezvăluie o lume populată de seminţii străvechi, din care se trage toată omenirea şi care au fost create şi alese cu mii de ani în urmă. În fiecare seminţie există un Jucător care este antrenat de mic pentru Jocul Final, un eveniment catastrofal care va redefini soarta omenirii.
Alături de această carte-fenomen, în standul Grupului Editorial Trei vă aşteaptă peste 400 de titluri cu reducere de până la 50 % şipeste 60 de cărţi cu preţ promoţional 10 lei.

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Duminică 23 noiembrie 2014, ora 12.00, vă invităm să o întâlniţi pe autoarea francezăGwenaëlle Aubry la standul Grupului Editorial Trei.

Gwenaëlle Aubry îşi va lansa romanul Nimeni.

Alături de Gwenaëlle Aubry se vor afla: Svetlana Cârstean (scriitor) şi Magdalena Mărculescu (director editorial Grupul Editorial Trei).
În această carte, Gwenaëlle Aubry dă voce unui părinte pierdut în propria-i nevroză, dialoghează cu eurile lui multiple, îl autorizează să existe după moartea sa fizică.
Volumul Nimeni, descris de Rick Moody drept "o bijuterie literară, care se remarcă în literatura contemporană europeană prin strania claritate", a fost publicat în colecţia Literary Fiction de la Pandora M, alături de alte două titluri puternice şi emoţionante: Sutton de J.R. Moehringer şi Povestea lui Hanna Yakub de Rabee Jaber.
Sutton reprezintă portretul fascinant al unui om remarcabil. Talentul lui Moehringer de a surprinde spiritul epocii şi bogăţia detaliilor face ca fiecare oprire din călătoria exterioară şi lăuntrică a lui Sutton să fie zguduitoare.” - Publishers Weekly
J.R. Moehringer este celebru scriitor şi jurnalist american, laureat al Premiului Pulitzer pentru volumul Dulcele bar (Editura Publica). În urma acestui succes, tenismenul Andre Agassi i-a cerut ajutorul în scrierea autobiografiei Open.
O descriere emoţionantă a fragilităţii condiţiei umane, Povestea lui Hanna Yakub de Rabee Jaber vorbeşte despre o temă universală: diversitatea religioasă şi toleranţa faţă de celălalt. Romanul Povestea lui Hanna Yakub a fost recompensat cu Booker International Prize pentru literatură arabă în 2012.

Noua colecţie – Educaţie şi formare – se adresează în special cadrelor didactice, dar şi părinţilor interesaţi de viitorul copiilor sau adulţilor angajaţi în procese de formare profesională, managerilor care îşi doresc să aibă angajaţi inovatori şi bine pregătiţi, consultanţilor din procesele de învăţare (traineri, mentori, consilieri). Primele două titluri, care vor putea fi cumpărate din standul Editurii Trei de la Gaudeamus, sunt: Invăţarea invizibilă de John Hattie şi Formarea inovatorilor de Tony Wagner.

Citirea gândurilor nu este un mit. Este o realitate. Doar că este puţin diferită de ceea ce îşi imaginează majoritatea oamenilor. Cu instrumentele pe care le oferă Arta de a citi gândurile de Henrik Fexeus, vei afla imediat ce gândeşte şi simte cealaltă persoană şi vei putea să-i influenţezi gândurile şi sentimentele.

Analiza viselor de C.G. Jung, care cuprinde transcrierea seminarului pe tema interpretării viselor, susţinut la Zürich între 1928 (noiembrie) şi 1930 (iunie), ne oferă şansa de a-l descoperi pe Jung ca analist şi de a gândi şi înţelege cu el pacientul său, pornind de la 30 de vise ale acestuia, care sunt interpretate pe rând, în cuprinsul seminarului. Avem ocazia de a citi cea mai completă descriere a metodei jungiene de interpretare a viselor. Un adevărat eveniment cultural, cartea este interesantă pentru toţi cei preocupaţi de modul în care lucra una dintre cele mai cunoscute personalităţi ale secolului XX.

Ediţia revizuită şi adăugită a volumului În căutarea sinelui de Vasile Dem. Zamfirescu conţine modificări de structură şi detaliu faţă de cele două ediţii anterioare. Alături de cele două jurnale, ea include toate materialele conexe lor, nu numai secţiunea Psihanaliza comunismului, existentă şi în prima ediţie de la Cartea Românească, ci şi eseurile filosofice publicate în 1995, sub titlul Nedreptatea onticăla Editura Trei, carte care cunoaşte astfel reeditarea.
Nu i-am uitat nici pe cei mici. Pentru ei am pregătit o minunată poveste de Crăciun: În căutarea Sufletului Crăciunului de R. D. Mottok. Teo Trandafir spune despre acest proiect: “În această carte de poveste vom găsi ce căutăm în fiecare zi: adăpost pentru noi şi pentru copiii noştri. Adăpost în faţa violenţei sau grabei ori tristeţii. Aici, între aceste coperţi, e veşnic Crăciun, iar metafora miroase a cozonac şi fericire.“

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Casey Peeler

goodreads   No Turning Back (Full Circle, #1) Amazon | B&N After getting involved with Dylan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley decides to stay close to home for college. It’s just safer that way. Later, she realizes it’s a mistake, just like dating Dylan. She decides to put the past behind her and leave the small hick town of Grassy Pond. There is only one problem; she makes this decision three weeks before the fall semester begins. Charley packs up her Honda and heads to Southern College. On the morning she’s about to leave, Cash walks back into her life. He has been her best friend since they were four and is the only one who knows the REAL Charley. She leaves her farm in Grassy Pond with all kinds of “what if” questions. Charley decides to live her college career to the fullest. She finds a great group of friends, joins the swim team, and meets a guy named Joe. He’s got eyes that make ya wanna melt! At college, she encounters a new problem. Charley has been away from home for only forty-eight hours before she breaks the two promises she made to herself. Will she be able to overcome her past? Find new love? What will happen with Cash now that he is back in her life? Will she find what she is wanting in Jackalope Joe? How will her first semester of college end? Joe, Cash, or alone? likec&cpic   Finding Charley (Full Circle, #2) Amazon | B&N One bottle of Jack and the words “I’m sorry” are all it takes for Charley’s world to turn upside down… again. Charley has a decision to make. Does she sink or swim?  After Dylan reminds Charley that he always has the upper hand, she decides it’s time break free. But how? She uses her past, present, and what she hopes to be her future to find her freedom. With the help of Cash Money and the Kluft Girls, she devises a plan to take down Dylan. Will she succeed, or will she find that she will never escape his hold? Once this plan is put in place, who will be by her side when it comes to an end? And will this plan include Jackalope Joe? shutterstock_146837942   Loving Charley (Full Circle, #3) Amazon | B&N When Charley decides to make Dylan famous, she never thought about the repercussions that might occur, and how it would affect everyone around her.   Now that she has followed through with the plan, she is unsure of what the future holds. She has to decide what is more important in life: living her dream, speaking the truth, or keeping quiet. Charley’s life comes full circle when her freshman year comes to an end. Will Dylan be in her past and Cash in her future? Or will Dylan continue to be an eerie constant in her life? hot dylan  

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Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.  After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.  When Casey isn’t writing, you can find her listening to country music, spending the day at the lake, being a wife and dance mom, and spending time with friends and family. Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!  


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