Review- Clarity by Lorreta Lost

Title: Clarity (Clarity #1)
Author: Loretta Lost

My review:
Helen just wants to have a normal life, even though she has a disease that caused her blindness. Despite everything, she keeps going on, being the strong tough girl she's always been. But the death of her mother puts a lot of pressure on her, so she breaks.
 Lying in the dark, crying and despairing while trying to find her psychology class, Helen makes the mistake of her life, mistake that oblige her into dropping off college and running away.

Three years later, Helen, now Winter Rose, one of the most appreciated blind author, gets a visit from two doctors. Liam and Owen come to convince Helen, or to say Winter, to accept a new drug that would make her see. But Helen made sure no one would bother her again, that being the reason she moved in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods and quiet, living all alone. Helen kicks the doctors out, but Liam cames back, because he can't give up on the blind author he is a fan of. Helen is not naive, she is tough, stubborn, smart and independent, but listening to the young doctor, she starts wondering what it might be to be able to look in the mirror, to see the sunset, the moon, the sky.

Helen accepts the offer on one condition. The doctors can run tests on her, only if they take her to New York, to attend her sisters's wedding first. So they do, and being in her home, feels odd, yet good, the big imposant house brings Helen back tons of memories, and her father's welcome is really touching. But it takes just a few hours before the storm beggins, before the past comes back and messes everything up. It's happening. That bad feeling Helen had had finally reaches out and turns from a nightmare into a living hell.

For the first time, Helen sees. She sees the colour of her anger, the madness that installs in her mind. For the first time, Helen loses it.

My opinion:

I actually liked it. It's an interesting, though quite short story about a blind girl and her struggle to deal with well, everything. It is an easy reading, the descriptions are nicely done, but I would've wanted more. More words from Helen, from whose point of view the story is told. More words, as in more feelings, more sensations, more of what every blind person has to deal with. It's sad at the beggining, and I thought I chose the wrong book to lighten up my mood, but it gets really funny afterwards, untill the final point, when I wanted to smash something! Dear lord! That author knows how to drive her reader insane.

I recommend  this book because it's an easy read, it's short and the story runs smoothly, that you realise you have come to the final and can't believe your eyes. I think you will enjoy it.

I only posted black and white pictures because I thought it would make sens, due to the main character's disability.

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