Review The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson

It's such a collosal effort not to be haunted by what's lost, but to be enchanted by what was.
The story is pretty much centered around a 17 year old, Corlene, and the book is basically about how she's dealing with her sister's death, trying to move on. There are also two boys in this story, Toby, Lenny sister's boyfriend, and Joe who's a new boy in town.
This book's got really poetic language and it is very well written. I was surprised by how good it is and how wonderful the characters are shaped and it made them so believeble. It was like I was right there in the action of the book, so clear and so unique. What I really loved about the main character, Lenny, was that she's not that kind of perfect character that you meet in almost all of the books nowadays. She was very flowed, maybe too much and it almost made me hate her. She's not very likeable but it was good to be in such characters mind for a change. She doesn't really seem to care about others. This is a quote directly from the novel, she was havoing an argument with her grandmother and she said:
Grandmother:You act like you're the only one in this house who's lost somebody. You haven't asked me once how I'm doing. Did it ever occured to you that I might need to talk?
 I did feel the book a little bit unreal sometimes because if I were her and my sister would've died, I guess my main concern wouldn't be the new boy in town. Perhaps I would try to make peace with myself and to talk with my family, make sure we have each other to get through this.
The only character that I really felt sad for throughout the book definately was Lenny sister's boyfriend because he really seemed to miss her and to be the only one who still thinks that much and deep about her. He just couldn't get over it, he couldn't forget her and that, at least for me, seemed like an act of true love.
I feel like it looks like I've been negative with this book, but don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it so much. Like any other book, it has flaws but not quite much and it almost went without me even seeing it. Over all, I loved this book, I did give it a 4 out of 5 stars and I hope you are willing to read it too because if you're not going to read it, you're kind of missing out on a great story. The ending wasn't too cheesy and I feel like it tighted everything up beautifully. Only if the author would've focused on the tragedy itslef, I would have gave it a 5 stars +.
He's so alive. He makes me feel like I could take a bite out of the whole world.
Stay smilin',

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