I'll give you the sun

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My heart is bigger than a blue whale's, which needs it's own parking spot.
First of all, does anyone else think this book cover is the most awesome one they've ever seen? I mean, my Godness, is unbelievebly gorgeous! Maybe it's just me who thinks that, but idk, let me know if you feel the same way as I do by commenting down below.
Okay, now that we've astablished how I feel about the cover, let's move on to the plot:
Esentially, this book is about a boy and a gril who are twins and the story is being told in  two different perspectives and in two different timelines. First we've got the brother, Noah, who's story lines up at the age 13 and it lasts about one year, and then we've the sister, June, who's story lines up at te age of 16.
I found really interesting the fact that the stories go back and forth from the future to the past to the future and so on and you kind of make connections between the two perspectives. When I was reading the book I was like "Oh, I know who that is from Noah story! Oh, this must be the one from June's!" and so on. It was really cool because I felt like it was shaping the whole story, like a little puzzele and I had to just put the pieces together so easly. At the sime time, it's a little bit confusing because in the future June is talking about some things that you know didn't happen the way she says because you read Noah's perspective in the chapter before and he said something else about what really happened. I really think it is worth reading just because of that, just to experience it because I did and it was AWESOME, seriosly mindblowing.
He was the kind of man who walks into a room and all the walls fall down.
The plot was very well constructed and it kept me interested the whole time I was reading and I love Jandy Nelson because I can't understand how her braind works and how she managed to create such a good story! My God, I don't say this about every book, you must really overwhalme me to say that, but this book did and I loved it from cover to cover, every page, it is simply speecheless, I sware to God!
And just over all, June and Noah's realationship is complicated but as you go through the book you begin to connect their perspectives and by the end of the book it becomes easier to just understand what happened in both of the timelines.
It is very interesting to see how much they've changed from the time when they were 13 to the time when they're 16 and it just makes you so sad for them because they sort of drifted apart throughout the years and they were so good together and it just makes you wish they'll behave like brother and sister once again. It is just a huge rollercoaster of things that happen to them, going up and going down, things going wrong and going right and it just kind of bring tears in your eyes because they don't talk these thons of things to each other like they used to. I wasn't a very much fan of the ending only because it was so simple comparing with the plot which is much more complicated. The ending felt to me like a PUF, that is that. This was a really really good book, I am so glad I read it, I loved it, I still do and it made me realise what my relationship with my brother is and how I strongly need to change some things.
THIS IS WHAT I WANT: To grab my brother's hand and run back through time, losing years like coats falling from our shoulders.
Stay smilin',

You can read a chapter from I'll give you the sun HERE  and you can purchase the book from your nearest book store.

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